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We offer families an easier way to access and afford healthcare services. The services include outpatient visits, inpatient treatment, surgeries, ambulance services, online consultations and home-based care and psychosocial support through department of social services

Registered office: Pendeza House, Along Kisumu Nairobi road, Nyamasaria estate, Kisumu County. We will work on having an office in each county through the MOH under the UHC program when the pandemic is over.

Yes. We update job offers though the careers section. However, due to the diverse nature of education, persons are also free to make enquiries on particular job offers they seek

The nuclear family (spouse and children). Children are covered under parents until they attain the age of 18 years. For polygamous marriages, each wife is considered a new family. Families can select a personal doctor.

Emergency medical services including evacuation are available for those who opt for the service. All subscribers are expected to Inform EMGL of DNR card.