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Elixir Fixed Home Care Packages

Somewhere in Kenya, a 45-year-old man Juakali artisan is brought to the emergency department with sudden onset of convulsions and in a coma. Blood pressures taken on arrival are very high.

A Head Scan confirms he has been bleeding inside the brain and managed for hemorrhagic stroke due to hypertension. He is discharged 5 days later, but with half the body paralyzed.

The impact of the new twist of fate hits the wife and children hardest because of the reality of ‘no income’ with the sudden change of lifestyle being the beginning of mental stress on the patient and his family. Not to forget the huge medical bills it comes with.

This is the fate of numerous families in Kenya. The duration between onset of disease, diagnosis, and initiation of treatment while maintaining patient support systems, dignity, confidentiality, and autonomy is the major determinant of outcomes for non-communicable diseases like hypertension globally.

With an Elixir Fixed Home Care Package, you and your family can access regular medical checkups, early diagnosis and treatment from the comfort and convenience of home, enabling you access to early life-saving interventions.

Outpatient Healthcare Plan

KES 1000
  • For those in Kisumu County
  • Access to wide range of specialists
  • Cover for you, spouse and kids below 18 years
  • Regular checkups, early diagnosis and treatment
  • Lab tests, CT scans and x-rays at NHIF accredited institutions
  • Optical and dental services at NHIF accredited institutions
  • One-on-one tele-consultancy
  • Medicolegal support
  • Therapy sessions

Terms and conditions apply

Waiting time does not apply during medical emergencies.

We reserve the right to terminate the Fixed Home Care Package at any time and to charge a cancellation fee in the event of the provision of falsified information including non-disclosure of a pre-existing condition.

Prices in Kenya shillings and billed monthly.